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You could also use the sentences to create a narrative link between multiple images, perhaps as a way of profoundly illustrating a particularly meaningful aspect of your life or personality.

Another option would be to use the caption sentence to explain your state of mind in relation to the image or to express an associated viewpoint, value, or philosophy.

As you write your short explanations, keep in mind that these statements must adhere to the school’s one-sentence rule, and be sure to not simply reiterate whatever is already obvious in/from the photo but to use the additional content to enhance the admissions reader’s understanding of you.

This prompt from NYU Stern offers a lot of leeway, but take care not to get carried away with overly elaborate or complicated images.

And finally, although getting accepted to your target business school and earning an MBA are serious goals and undertakings, this does not mean that all your images for this essay submission need to be serious in nature, especially if your personality is naturally more lighthearted and humorous.

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Costumes and comical arrangements, if used judiciously, can be valid options if, again, the resulting final image is truly reflective of your character and/or life.Keep in mind also that not all of your images need to be actual photos, either.They can include drawings, paintings, charts, tables, emojis, and so on.You want the admissions “reader” to take away something new from each image they see.Your images do not need to be sequential, nor do they need to always include you.Your uploaded PDF should contain all of the following elements: Note: Your visuals may include photos, infographics, drawings, or any other images that best describe you. The essay cannot be sent in physical form or be linked to a website.We imagine that the initial reaction most candidates have to pretty much any prompt that does not request a traditional essay is momentary panic (though, to be fair, that is likely many applicants’ reaction to traditional essays as well), but let us reassure you a bit before we delve more deeply into how best to approach this one.Our more thorough application essay analysis follows…With this rather no-nonsense query about your motivation to earn an MBA and expectations as to where you will go with it after graduation, NYU Stern simply wants you to spell out what you have in mind as you approach this phase of your life and career.The school does not ask specifically about past experiences or what about its program in particular makes it the best one for you, though brief mentions of either would be acceptable if they are central to your main points.As for what candidates must write themselves, the program requests a rather classic personal statement and the challenging but very revelatory “Pick Six” submission, which seems appropriate in these days of rampant social media.As a result, you should be able to present a good balance of your professional and personal sides for the admissions committee.


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