8d Problem Solving Tool

When followed diligently, 8D will lead to the discovery of the root causes and possible solutions with consideration of cost, timing, effect on customers, and the impact on the organisation.In this 2-day practical workshop, participants will learn through a step by step instructional process of preparation, establishing a team, brainstorming, to systematically analysing and preventing problems from recurring.

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The aim is to use cross-functional teams to find the root cause of a problem, devise a short-term fix, and implement a long-term solution to prevent problems from recurring.

Where the use of 8D is mandated, such as in the Automotive Industry, the emphasis is on fast reactions.

8D Problem-Solving (Eight Discipline) is a step-by-step problem-solving methodology popularized by Ford Motor Company.

With the 8D problem-solving process (or Global 8D as Ford calls it), project teams are chartered to address and solve problems by uncovering and eliminating the root cause of the problem.

As a result, the first three stages are typically accomplished and reported in just three days.

It is also used to react to safety or regulatory issues, or when performance is occurring at unacceptable levels.DMAIC lends itself better to large complex problems where large amounts of data are involved, whereas PDCA is often more appropriate for solving small or medium-sized problems.8D tends to be rule-based, driven by the quality management system and used for small and complex problems.Introduction: The 8D (Eight Disciplines) Problem Solving Methodology is a step-by-step problem solving methodology pioneered by Ford Motor Company through its Team Oriented Problem Solving Global 8D Process.It is a highly effective approach to finding root causes, development of proper actions to eliminate root causes, and implementation of permanent corrective action.Easy problems are quickly resolved, but tough problems require an in-depth understanding of the problem and creative thinking beyond the obvious solutions.Typically tough problems are solved by teams rather than individuals because it takes several different perspectives to form a complete analysis of what is at the root of the issue.This is where the issue is defined, data is gathered and a root cause identified.Once the ‘Act’ phase has been completed, the cycle should start again and live on as a continuous improvement tool.8D was first introduced by the US Government as a problem-solving tool for the automotive industry.However, problem-solving outcomes are impacted because staff are not provided the time to think or trained in basic problem-solving methods such as PDCA, Six Sigma and 8D.The ‘Plan’ phase is most important, and usually consumes at least half of the total time.


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