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The other type of process writing describes how some given thing works.Not only is the primary purpose of a process essay to inform readers but also to provide sufficient detail so that readers can understand a given process and repeat it themselves to achieve the same results.

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A step-by-step process can be found in a directional (or prescriptive) process essay.

A process that explains how something occurs or works in a logical way, usually in a linear sequence, with possible deviations.

The following sets of characteristics can serve as guidelines when you are writing a process essay. It as an instruction that shows the reader how to do something, guiding them through every step and explaining harder steps more meticulously.

Normally, there is just one way in which the process can go or one desired goal.

To focus the reader’s attention on each of the steps, put them in separate process paragraphs, or even sub-paragraphs if the step is big or has something cautionary or noteworthy about it.

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Keep your instructions more informative rather than imperative.

The two types of a process explanation essay is an informational process essay (also called “descriptive”) and directional process essay (also called “prescriptive” - basically, a “how-to” instruction).

The first one educates a reader on processes that happen in nature, technology, as well as ideal or hypothetical processes, while the latter provides directions about something the reader intends to do.

A qualitative process offers many ways towards one goal, leaving it up to the reader to estimate them and pick one.

It is typical for the essays about a qualitative process to try and develop a methodical approach to fulfill the requirements of the reference standard; or, they describe an opposite process that would lead to an undesired result.


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