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It impacted to the way she started to think because her perspective of men and the world was changed, when she had to live without a man in the house to support the family.

Another character in whom the reader can see abandonment as a big theme is Tom.

Jim’s abandonment of Laura was the dramatic climax of the play.

The reader would have hoped for him to stay, but it is shown that he is not able to stay with her.

All of the family members had seen to deal with abandonment one way or another.

Laura was abandoned by the world; she had disabilities, in which she gave into.

The last character in this play is Jim, who was a friend of Tom and Laura during high school, who Tom worked with at the factory.

Jim was asked to dinner at Tom’s house for Laura as a gentleman caller.

She has felt the abandonment in many ways, through her father and even Jim.

Through the play, the reader is able to sense the abandonment of the characters.


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