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Late medieval and Renaissance art often pictured love set within lush, secluded gardens, its inhabitants enjoying perfect weather, charming music, abundant flowers and amorous flirtation.

Separation from the everyday world is a key theme, as is emphasising unending, leisurely pleasure.

Everybody defines love according to their own understanding.

For some people love is a holy thing but on the contrary, some people look at it in a different light.

Now this situation have been changed and it is accepted widely.

Love has not only one form but several forms such as love of mother and son, love of God and worshiper, love for humanity etc. People express their anger by showing feelings of hate. Unfortunately it harms not only to the person who hates but also does harm to other for whom he keeps such feeling. Love and hate both have different emotions and expressions.

Eve was created to be Adam’s reproductive companion, and only after eating the fruit of the tree of good and evil did they come to know desire, shame, toil and mortality. As Eve takes the apple and Adam opens his palm to accept it, one side of his face in shadow, these “first parents” are already shown in physical intimacy, arms wrapped around each other as a foretaste of their sexual future.

Rather than standing in a garden of pleasure, they are in a thick, dark forest, a foreboding sign of their sin.

The reader wants to know what you really want to say by choosing this topic. The essay is a short text, but meaningful, expressive, written in one breath and on strong emotions of the author.

Basically, an essay is one or two pages of the text.


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