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Right now I go to a small middle school call Urban Promise Academy.I am a very quiet shy girl who wishes to sometimes come our of her shell and be who I want to be.

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One of many challenges was that my English was not as good as the other students in my class and has to spend 5 years in ELD classes.

Today I am in 8th grade and I do not have to attent to ELD classes.

Out of two hundred students only seven got to go and I was one of those students.

I had to collect give hundred dollars in about four months it was hardware because me and my family had to collect that money in orden to go to the trip.

With out them I would have never went to Washington DC. Every person in my family is diffrent but they all have their own way to show love to my sister,brothers and me.

About Me Essay Yahoo Answers

Even tough my parents are divorced they never forge that they have the most important Job ,wich is being a parent.

Last year I graduated and this year in 8th grade I dont have to go no more.

Clases now are better and easy for me to understand and I am able to speak it.

I would also like to become a neonatal nurse because I believe it is bautismo to see a new baby is being taken care of with no chance or gettin harmed. Barajas Gonzalez and I wad born in Guanajuato, Mexico.

I came to the United States when I was 5 years old and I have been living in California for ten years.


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