Abuse Science Technology Essay

First, technology is misused by some students are hacking into the school severs, using email to intimidate or threaten other students.They are downloading music and plagiarizing information from the internet and use them as their own. While the use of technology is supposed to bring changes in the traditional way that teachers used to teach, student used to learn but still doesn’t prevent some students taking advantage of these changes and use them as they want.

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Each student could choose a specific part of the topic that tickles their interest such as Acid indicators, structures of molecules etc.

The assignment could then be diversified by allowing students to search for information from different websites –watch videos about acid and bases.

They believe that learning by themselves using the computer is a much better and faster. “ Now she bans laptops in her large lecture courses and has a clause in her syllabus about the inappropriate use of technology. “Huge increases in attention and better performance on exams,” she says.

“Students have even mentioned that they feel like they are doing better without the laptop.

Moreover, they have access to data bases of their school where they can also look for more resources that are related to their topics.

Finally, they can create a podcast which is video editing software that allows them to put to put together their findings and share it as a full length video in class.While this war is on between digital native (young people who have grown up in immersive computing environment) digital immigrant (people who have yet to learn how to use a computer), thinkers are analyzing the issue and come with answers that will help proving that technology in higher education can be misused and at the same time useful in higher education.To expand the topic, the following lines will discuss the misuse of technology in higher education, its use; also give some recommendations that will help student be more successful in their education .Therefore, they need to learn and look carefully through it all and get the “good stuff.” This ocean-wide of information and current vault of technology has also allowed students to truly engage themselves in their education by developing personal educational plans or studying fields that may interest them.Through projects, students acquire and refine their analysis and problem-solving skills as they work individually and in teams to find, process, and synthesize information they’ve found online.” Another interesting and very important feature of technology in education is the Distance education also known as the e-learning.In classroom, many students are armed with i Pads, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices.Furthermore, studies have shown that many students interact more with these devices than with the books.The possibilities are innumerable all thanks to technology, teacher, and student sense of creativity!To quote Edutopia, an on-line publication, “Learning through projects while equipped with technology tools allows students to be intellectually challenged while providing them with a realistic snapshot of what the modern office looks like.


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