Action Research Reflection Paper

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In the motivational speaking world, the community is very difficult for a newbie to enter.

In learning to listening to the participants, I have dramatically improved my role as a facilitator in a face to face setting.

In addition, I have learned how to facilitate discussions in an online forum.

These groups can be facilitated by local leaders or myself.

I am no longer bound by physicality in maintaining community.

On the right, are the applications of similar strands, as it enhances my role as a classroom teacher.

Through readings, news group discussions, personal research and reflection, my foundational theories of how people learn were radically shifted.My comfort level is now equal whether working from a scripted text or no text.The ability to ask the right questions to draw out deeper more meaningful responses During the process, I often found myself in a dual role with my professional goals and responsibilities.The article concludes with a model of proposed relationships uncovered by the research which deserve further exploration in the quest to provide greater levels of student satisfaction with their higher education experiences.Reflecting on the process of the Educational Technology Master's Degree Program and what I learned through my Action Research Project, has both personal and professional applications that exceed any expectations I had last July.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. This paper presents an action research approach to exploring methods of improving the learning styles and outcomes of first year university students within large class environments.This suggests that the process of “unlearning” previous learning styles may pose a significant problem for instructors and it appears likely that the process of changing from surface to deep learning may require more than a single course intervention.However, there is some evidence that student-centred and self-regulated learning results in a more positive learning experience for both students and teachers.


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