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Ross I know you think of this bill very differently, both in terms of what it would do but also in terms of how important it is because, as you’ve pointed out, in New York State for example they actually have passed a version of this law. So I guess it’s useful to think of this in terms of, sort of, two sets of cases that the anti-abortion side, my side of the argument, is thinking about when we argue about this bill and when we talk about a viral video clip like this one. So the first is a set of cases that do relate specifically to what happens to infants - former fetuses turned babies - that are either born alive in the course of a late-term abortion or in some potential world are born alive with a terrible medical condition, a serious disability and so on.And that’s a very, very small number of cases especially in the first case but they do, in fact, exist, right?

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There are very, very few abortions in the United States that take place at 36 or 37 weeks. There are various estimates but —That would be 22 to 26 or 27 weeks, right?

And so the reason these bills then become a flashpoint is both about the possibility of infants being killed outside of the mother’s womb, which is rare but real, and also the fact that there’s just a larger argument here, right?

So to be super clear, we actually don’t know and there actually isn’t good data about all of the reasons that women seek third-trimester abortions.

I mean we do know that one reason that women seek third-trimester abortions is essentially a form of miscarriage management, right?

In the State of the Union address President Trump made sure to mention abortion.

Since we started this podcast we have heard from listeners asking us to have a conversation about abortion.Among other things, third-trimester abortions would be available even if a woman’s health were not at risk. They said that the video was proof that Democrats supported live-birth abortions.The pro-choice side called this charge false, and a national debate ensued.So first you have Kathy Tran, the delegate who introduced this legislation.It’s been introduced in many, many past legislative sessions.When the pregnancy is sort of failing over time and there’s actually in some places nothing in the law that allows the medical system to deal with women in that circumstance, right?So women have to carry failing pregnancies for weeks or, you know, are forced to kind of go through stillbirths when they would have preferred to terminate two months earlier.You know she should have said like, “Hypothetically yes but that will never happen.” Instead she just said yes, that would be allowed. “Pro-choice radicals want abortion on the delivery table!” And then Ralph Northam is on the radio and—Right, the Virginia governor.It would basically take away some of the restrictions on third-trimester abortion in Virginia. So in existing law they need to say that it would substantially impair the mental or physical health of the woman.So Kathy Tran is testifying and she’s presented with this hypothetical that is really both ridiculous and kind of insulting, right?


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