Ageing Population Thesis

Immigration could therefore fix some of the problems caused by the ageing population, but the challenge is to integrate them to the Finnish labor markets.At the moment, it seems like immigration cannot solve all the problems alone but can work well together with other policy measures focusing on affecting the problems caused by the ageing of population.The ageing population has led to increasing concerns about pensions and their future sustainability.

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Lastly, a number of recommendations were made based on the study, namely that programmes which facilitate the awareness of ageing implications need to be implemented and strengthened throughout South Africa, while all ageing concerns must be mainstreamed and prioritised in policy.

Furthermore, research on the potential socio-economic, fiscal and monetary implications of an ageing South Africa must be initiated so as to improve the drafting and implementation of ageing policy and strategy.

As a consequence of the iterative combination of fertility and mortality declines, the South African population’s age structure has begun to experience significant ageing, whereby a shift from having a population characterised by many young people (0-14 years old) to a population characterised by increasingly more older persons is occurring.

The demographic trend known as population ageing places numerous pressures on all social, economic and developmental fronts, requiring societies to reconfigure their developmental agendas, aims, programmes and policy in order to provide for an ageing population’s needs.

The results show, that the employment of immigrants has been considerably weaker in comparison to the natives in the 21st century.

In an international comparison, the gap in unemployment between natives and immigrants is exceptionally large in Finland.

In order to fix the sustainability gap of the public sector, several institutions have suggested increasing international net migration to be a solution to the ageing population and the potential lack of labor force.

In this thesis, the aim was to observe whether immigration could possibly solve the financial problems faced by the public sector as the demographic structure becomes older.

Then it introduces active ageing and active ageing policy, exploring its implications for UK pension provision.

It demonstrates that a more comprehensive active ageing framework, which incorporates a life-course perspective, has the potential to assist the UK to respond to the challenges of an ageing population.


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