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8.1 Must not give false impression: When inviting a prospect to hear a presentation of the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan, an IBO shall neither directly or indirectly: 8.1.1 Give the impression that the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan relates to an employment opportunity (in accordance with Rule 4.16); 8.1.2 Imply that the invitation is to a social event; 8.1.3 Disguise the invitation as a “market survey”; 8.1.4 Promote the event as a “tax seminar;” finance seminar, investments seminar or similar event; 8.1.5 Promote the Amway Business Opportunity as a business relationship with a person, company, or organisation other than Amway as stated in Rule 4.31.1(e) above; 8.1.6 Directly or indirectly indicate that such products are merely one line of products distributed through or as a part of a brokerage, consignment, or intermediary business operated by a person, company or organisation other than Amway; 8.1.7 Directly or indirectly indicate that the Amway Business Opportunity, IBO or products and services merchandised through Amway are part of any business other than the Amway Business Opportunity as defined in the Rules of Conduct and other official Amway literature; 8.1.8 Engage in any other direct or indirect misrepresentation of the Amway Business Opportunity and the IBO’s relationship to Amway and the nature of the Amway Business, or omit any information that a person receiving such an invitation or attending or otherwise participating in such a presentation or event could reasonably be expected to need in order to properly evaluate the Amway Business Opportunity, Amway Products; or 8.1.9 In any other way violate Rule 4.31 above.

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2 ~ 3 lakhs in line with month how do you want that ??? Management bonus: 4 overall performance bonus 21 18 15 12 nine 6  rs.

Wouldn’t it make sense to research from an already a hit individual ??? To keep attrition, it is smart to place more money within the packets of newcomers.

Most of this industry is comprised of women, and it's comprised of women that build their business face to face, belly to belly. Offline, nothing can replace face to face, in person, in real life. But you can be successful online if that's something you want to do. If it requires two methods because you don't generate enough leads with the first, that's fine, but you need to pick one or two lead generation strategies that work and then implement them over and over and over again to get the results you're after.

Understand 70% of the industry is the female demographic. When I say set goals, I don't mean sponsor six people a month, or talk to two people a day, or sponsor 12 people in the next six months. A real goal in business has numbers attached to it financially. If that lead generation strategy is talking to 10 new people per day through BNI groups in your local area, or chamber of commerce meanings, however you're going to generate those leads, you need to figure out a way to do it and then stick with that method.

Advertising is allowed in a limited context as described in the Digital Communication Standards.

8.4 Truthful Explanation: Without limiting the generality or specificity of an IBO’s obligations under Rule 4 and 8.3 or elsewhere in these Rules, during any formal or informal presentation or explanation of the Amway Business Opportunity, an IBO: 8.4.1 Will truthfully and honestly present the business with full transparency and candour; 8.4.2 Will conduct the presentation in accordance with the requirements of the Amway Sales and Marketing Plan; 8.4.3 Will point out the features of the Amway Business Opportunity and the IBO contractor relationship; 8.4.4 Will as soon as practicable in the presentation, identify Amway as his/her principal and correctly describe the relationship between Amway and its IBOs as described in current Amway produced literature, Amway correspondence, instructions and directives; 8.4.5 Will state that income or bonuses/rebates will only be realised through continued sales of Amway Products and Amway-distributed products or services to consumers and by the maintenance of certain qualifications; and shall indemnify Amway from and against all actions, damages, claims, demands, prosecutions and the cost thereof (including Amway’s actual legal costs) which might be suffered by or made or sought against Amway in respect of or arising out of any failure or omission to do so, or other breach of this Rule.

Once you've determined how you want your business to be built and how you want it to look in terms of marketing and structure and day to day activities, daily operations is what we call it, we need to move onto tip number two, which is establish an accountability partner. Because, if you don't, you're only accountable to yourself, and accountability doesn't really exist when you're only accountable to yourself. Typically 10 to 20 to 30 times, somewhere around 20, after 20 contacts, 20 approaches with that lead generation strategy, you will get a ratio.

Don't cast it out just because someone told you to cast it out. Do your own due diligence and figure out whether or not it's going to work for you based on what you can and can't do within your company, within Amway. You will know what the conversions are based on what that strategy is once you do enough activity of it.

Even though 10 resources from in which we acquire our earnings seizes to exist.

If the 1 source from wherein we receive our profits seizes to exist.


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