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What is certain about every comparative analysis is that it must consist of a thesis statement that eventually has to be proven or denied.

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Using your own observations, thoughts and ideas is always a bad thing to do in this particular comparative analysis step.

Using your own theories instead of sources, quotes and facts can prove to be not only irrelevant but catastrophic for your comparative analysis.

When this happens, you are the one that must come up with the frame of reference.

If you fail to construct this type of content, your paper will lack focus and frame, which will prevent you from creating a meaningful argument.

In most cases, the guidelines for the given assignment include the frame of reference, but sometimes you will have to create one with the sources provided.

In the final type of assignments, you may not even be given a frame of reference or sources for its creation.Constructing such paper is a difficult task which requires thorough research and amazing writing skills.This is no longer an exercise where your job is to name all common and different features between the two compared things.The two things you are about to compare in the analysis should not be compared in a broad manner.Instead, you need the context in order to maintain a focus for doing this properly.Right after you have established the grounds for your comparison, you need to set the thesis.You should use the previous steps in order to do this.The grounds for your chosen comparison must be stated in order to inform your reader as to how you have come to that particular choice.The need to set these grounds lies in proving the readers that you made a careful choice of things you will compare.Of course, these three points you have established will go in the introduction, but how do you organize the body of the paper?Generally speaking, there are two ways you can do this.


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