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Analysis Essay Of Of A Salesman-5
The has portrayed Willy as the most desperate old man, which is a great lesson to everyone.

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His elder son, Biff looked brilliant both the in academic and sporting at tender age, but failed to secure a place in university after failing to perform in mathematics exam, and since then has remained an itinerant drifter, shifting between dead-end careers.

Happy, Biff’s young brother better placed in life than Biff, but his personal life is a selfish, cynical womanizer. It is at this point when they play reveals the reason behind the failure of Biff. Willy is portrayed as the man to blame for Biff’s failure.

There is also a manner in which he pursues the Dream.

He is a salesman, a profession that is associated with trickery and illusion.

It is ironic that he dies for his ideals although they are misconstrued.

The problem with Willy’s ideals which ultimately kills him is that he has lost sight of achieving the true goal of the American Dream, happiness and freedom, and the dream took control of him.

He struggled to achieve something that he could not; he did not have the talent to be a salesman.

He became so obsessed with living the dream that he was unable to be content with his talents in carpentry and with his family.

The play story is miserable as it challenges the audience to have a review of their personal wellbeing.

The main character, Willy has lived best part of his life employed as a sales representative.


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