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For example, if they ask her to describe Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, she'll want to mention what it is and also give examples of different intelligences in Gardner's theory, like intrapersonal or kinesthetic intelligence.

If Edie sees the words 'explain,' 'discuss,' or 'relate,' she'll want to make connections between the question and different psychological viewpoints.

Unit-based questions ask for students to explain something that has to do with a particular part of psychology.

For example, she might be asked to explain why Skinner's behavioral theory is an incomplete picture of human experience. On the other hand, interunit questions ask students to tie several different parts of psychology together.

There are many subjects that have AP exams: physics, economics, French, English, and a bunch of other content areas.

Edie is going to take the AP Psychology Exam, which allows students who pass it to get credit for a college introductory psychology class.The instructions can be found at the College Board website, but they don't really change much from year to year.For example, in 2014, the instructions were: 'You have 50 minutes to answer both of the following questions.Of course, Edie won't know the exact questions she'll be asked ahead of time, but there are some key words that she can look for once she does know the questions.If she sees the word 'identify,' it means that she should point out psychological concepts in her response.To save time, Edie can memorize the instructions ahead of time.That way, on test day, she can just skim the instructions and jump right in to planning and writing her essays.If she talks about the behavioral view of psychology, for example, she'll want to say that view sees humans as being driven by rewards and punishments.Edie should also understand that she is likely to see two different types of questions: unit-based and interunit questions.The free response section consists of two essay questions.Edie will have to answer both free response questions in 50 minutes.


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