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But Creon didn’t mentioned God’s laws; he wanted show the people what will happen to anyone who will betray native land.Then Antigone, after conversation with her sister, against Creon’s order violates the royal decree.Essays on Antigone usually contain summary of ancient tragedy, let’s read it.

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Haemon begs father don’t kill Antigone, but King couldn’t break the law of society.They had four children: sons - Eteocles and Polynices and daughters - Antigone and Ismenio.After the terrible mystery of murder of Thebes’ king Laius was revealed Jocasta committed suicide and Oedipus blinded himself. Compassionate Daughter Antigone was the elder daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta.But he didn’t pay attention to this soothsaying and only later when his wife Jocasta born son he ordered to damage the legs of newborn Oedipus and throw the baby at the foot of the mountain Cithaeron. He was brought up in Corinth by king Polybus as his own child.But when he became young man he went to Thebes and on his way there he met the chariot of Laius, there was the quarrel between them and Oedipus killed his father though he even didn’t know who Laius was.She continues to haunt dramatists, artists, performers, and political activists all over the world. This cutting-edge, interdisciplinary collection explores how and why, with essays ranging from philosophical, literary, and political investigations to queer theory, race theory, and artistic appropriations of the play. Heroes of the mythology are depicted as fearless people who were endowed with supernatural power.At the same time they honored the Gods and the Lows of Gods.When he came to Thebes, he saved this town of Sphinx and people of that legendary settlement chosen him as their King.Later he married Laius’s widow – Jocasta who was his own mother.


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