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The rate of photosynthesis may vary with changes that occur in environmental temperature, wavelength of light, and light intensity.

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The activated electrons then go through a series of electron carriers, also referred to as the electron transport chain, and in the process lead to the accumulation of the hydrogen ions inside the thylakoid membrane (the disc-like structures in the chloroplast that contain chlorophyll), generating a proton gradient.

As the protons go down their concentration gradient through the ATP synthase, ADP and P come together to form ATP—the energy molecule.

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If light is far away from the leaves of a plant, for example, then it takes more time for the light to be absorbed and used in photosynthesis.

When it takes more time for the light to reach the leaves, the rate of photosynthesis decreases.

• Design a scientific experiment to determine the effect of the variable on the rate of photosynthesis for the organism • Explain how you would measure the rate of photosynthesis in your experiment • Describe the results you would expect. The rate of photosynthesis is affected by environmental factors like light intensity, light wavelength, and temperature.

This experiment will test the The rate of photosynthesis can be determined different ways.

Because oxygen is a product of photosynthesis and the Elodea plant is submerged in water, the oxygen is released in bubbles that rise to the surface of the water in the beaker.

In this experiment, the rate of photosynthesis for each degree of light intensity can be measured by counting the number of bubbles released every 30 seconds for five minutes at each distance.


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