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What will happen is that, you may stumble across on one of these more unusual versions of the name of the real enzyme, or you may trick the reader into thinking you’ve read a different textbook than he uses in his classroom.

So he’s saying I know what he means by this that’s probably just one of those freaky little California versions of the enzyme.

What they do is, by having this broad diversity and more points possible on the Rubric, then the maximum score is, they’re hoping they’ll be able to allow kids say in California who have teachers that focus on thing to be getting points just like the kids in Florida, whose teachers may be covering other stuff that the California teachers aren’t.

Next up if you draw any pictures make sure you show them exactly what you mean.

Like for example, Protein Synthesis.[]You’ll talk about how all Proteins are made out of the same 20 different amino aids.

Well it turns about that there’s a few evolutionary weirdness out there, where they may use 21st amino acid. But there’s a few out there that have done their research on that.Use the end in –ase which means enzyme, and then slap in the name of whatever it is that you want to do in. And even if it isn’t, guess what different scientist will call the exact same thing slightly different names, why?Because some guy’s over in France and he’s inventing his new name for something, while some guy in England is discovering the same thing and they both want to name it. It’s kind of open to debate and until the debate is settled, scientist will be using both names kind of synonymously.You have to refer to those diagrams in your essay because doodles they won’t pay attention to, but what you do is you draw and you label it.Then you say as you can see my diagram to the right if you’re going to be talking about DNA for example and you just want to draw the Double Helix?Go ahead and say DNA has a Double Helix shape as you can see in my drawing to the right and maybe label it DNA Double Helix.Sometimes I’ve seen Rubrics where they just gave a point for having a diagram so why not add it in. I have my kids take lots of practice essays and they get graded on.[]Ever since elementary school, you’ve been practising taking multiple choice question test. But you really should know by now some basic techniques on how to address these kind of what I like to call multiple guess questions.Essays on the other hand, you did start working on how to write an essay maybe in fourth or fifth grade.Then junior high your teacher started banging over your head, “You need to have an introductory paragraph and three body paragraphs and then a conclusion.” Many of you are taking AP English right now, and they’re really hitting you with how to have smooth transitions and restate your thesis statement and all these other stuff.That’s all going to go to waste now because, when you take the AP biology Essay questions all of that stuff your English teachers taught you, complete and utterly useless. My students on the AP test, they are typically scoring one or two points higher than the national average on the essay questions. And if you know how the game is played, you can do a lot better. Now, the one thing is, you cannot have an outline or bullet points it must appear from a distance if somebody was looking at your paper wasn’t actually reading but looking at it from a distance it needs to at least appear to be and essay.


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