Ap Essay Questions Huck Finn

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But Tom, armed with knowledge garnered from books, is determined to show simple-minded Huck the 'regular' or civilized way of doing things.

This includes setting the duo up into dangerous situations when trying to free their friend Jim.

From Huckleberry Finn's perspective, Tom Sawyer appears to be 'civilized', but his actions make Huck question this.

Gifted with perhaps too much imagination, Tom embellishes reality to mimic his favorite novels.

During the 1840's, the people who lived in America's Southern states considered themselves fairly civilized.

Living luxuriously on mansion sized plantations, they preached of chivalry and honor, and believed in a somewhat feudal society.

Tom does not realize that Huck's simple plans are more likely to leave them alive by the end of the day, while accomplishing their goal of freeing Jim at the same time.

If the civilized way puts them in unnecessary harm, Huck cannot see why Tom would want to take that path.

Granted, all children have their fantasies, but Tom takes the books literally, adamantly saying that the "books knows what's the correct thing to do" (18) for every circumstance.

Tom does not realize that his actions appear ludicrous to Huck Finn, who wonders why life must be dictated according to what is written on a page instead of what a person learns through experience.


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