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Exceptions are computer programs or similar documents.

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The enumeration of any illustrative material (tables, figures, etc.) in the appendix is continuous with the text (e.g., if Table 20 is the last table in the text, the first table in the appendix is Table 21; if local numbering is used in the text, it is also used in appendices).

The format and type font used in the appendix must be consistent with the rest of the manuscript.

The title of the appendix (e.g., QUESTIONNAIRES) follows after a heading space and is centered within the thesis margins.

The part-title page is counted in sequence with the rest of the manuscript but no number appears on the page.

(March 21, 2007); Wicherts, Jelte M., Marjan Bakker, and Dylan Molenaar.

Wiley Online Library requires cookies for authentication and use of other site features; therefore, cookies must be enabled to browse the site.Do not include vague or irrelevant information in an appendix; this additional information will not help the reader’s overall understanding and interpretation of your research and may only distract the reader from understanding the significance of your overall study.: Appendices are intended to provide supplementary information that you have gathered or created; it is not intended to replicate or provide a copy of the work of others.For example, if you need to contrast the techniques of analysis used by other authors with your own method of analysis, summarize that information, and cite to the original work.Each appendix should be sequenced with upper-case letters of the alphabet (APPENDIX A, APPENDIX B).If there is only one appendix, no letter is used; one appendix may or may not have an explanatory title.The part-title page is considered the first page of the appendix for the purposes of the table of contents (see appendices herein). DVDs may not be submitted electronically because of copyright issues.However, students in departments with this requirement must submit two DVDs: one to the Thesis Office to be forwarded to Special Collections in the Marriott Library and one the student submits to his or her department.If there is more than one appendix, each has an explanatory title.The appendix title(s) must be listed in the table of contents in all upper-case letters.The pages of the appendix are numbered consecutively with the rest of the text.There is considerable flexibility in the kind of material that may be placed in appendices: computer programs, tables of raw data, questionnaires, letters, original historical source material, etc.


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