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The author can state that parent is forced to buy different sets of uniforms which make school uniforms costly.

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Introducing the topic requires the essay writer to discuss who is concerned and what the main concern is.

The author needs to provide a brief background of the topic argument.

An argumentative topic needs to address real issues, for example, an argument against school uniforms is one of the common public debates scholars believe social inequality.

When writing an argumentative paper against school uniforms, the author needs to present negative effects and the positive side to present a complete picture of his topic.

School uniforms limit creativity and freedom of expression, and they can represent a huge cost outlet for the parents involved.

Not only that, but when schools require specific items, it gives rise to possible fraud.The body contains well-structured paragraphs that present reasons and evidence for the authors claim.The last paragraph contains concluding sentences that provide the audience with a resolution.Writing an argument requires students to conduct in-depth research on the topic.Students need to collect relevant information about issues surrounding school uniforms, present all these evidence to support his argument.Writing an argumentative essay against school uniforms, the author needs to develop an argument that will persuade its audience to support his position.In most cases, the tutor will clarify the position students need to take when developing an assignment.For example, school uniforms limit student’s freedom of expression.Forcing students to wear school uniform limits students’ creativity.Teenagers prefer showcasing their inner feelings through their looks.School uniforms deny them their rights of expression hence students begin rebelling by engaging in the poor behavior.


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