Art Thesis Proposal

The final draft of the report must be submitted to the committee members at least one week prior to the examination.Students must use the Graduate School Guidelines for the preparation of theses and dissertations.An MFA candidate must schedule an exhibition or presentation of the completed thesis project.

Two members must be from outside the student’s area of focus.

At least one member must possess “full member” status within the graduate faculty.

A paper length of 10-25 pages that include images of the thesis exhibition work is normal.

A typed draft must be given to the committee chair for review and correction at least four weeks prior to the scheduled oral examination.

The thesis project is to be completed over a minimum of two semesters.

The report may summarize or recount aspects of the creation of the studio work.

A thesis proposal meeting is to be held no later than the fifteenth day of the semester.

It is the student’s responsibility to email members of their committee to set up the meeting.

Students who are passed on to thesis may select a major professor from the graduate faculty with the approval of the graduate coordinator.

The major professor, customarily from the student’s area of focus, then becomes the chair of the student’s thesis committee.


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