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Four ministers of Salem joined Matther, and they spent a whole day in the house of the afflicted in fasting and prayer.

The resultof which was the delivery of one of the family from the power of the witch.

Willy wishes to die the "Death of a Salesman" (Miller 1043) and have many buyers and salesmen mourned for him just like Dave did.

He was the reason Willy entered the sales business.

In the seventeenth century, a belief in witches and witchcraft was almost universal. The Salem witch trials change many peoples lives and even led to death for some.

In Salem Massachusetts where the witch trials take place many people who are suspicious is accused of witchcraft and hanged. The power of superstition and hearsay can distort from the truth.

To Willy, Dave had the greatest career a man could want, “ because what could be more satisfying than to be able to go, at the age of eighty-four, into twenty or thirty different cities, and pick up a phone, and be remembered and loved and helped by so many different people” (Miller 1043)?

Once again Willy stands by his belief of reputation being the key to success.

The constant conflict between illusion and reality is a constant struggle for him throughout the play.

Willy Loman is motivated by the need to be proud, well-known, and wealthy.


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