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You’ll want to include who has the biggest market share, how close your other competitors’ salons are to yours, and what advantages you’ll have over the competition.Finish this section with a SWOT analysis that will expand further on what your business does well and what might threaten your success.Your company description should include the most important parts of your salon, like the theme/concept, location, and your target market.

It’s essential that you understand them by analyzing your offerings, doing research, assessing your competitors, and creating customer profiles. It should take into account your business goals and what pricing looks like in the market.

Evaluate how the lower-cost salons price services as well as the higher-end ones. Think about how you’ll run regular campaigns on these channels to get people through the door.

Here’s what it should include: A marketing plan should start with a positioning statement which explains how you want customers to perceive your brand.

To write a strong positioning statement, include the following: Your target market is the group of people that are most suited to your products and services.

A SWOT analysis is a process used to identify: Include all the services your salon will provide to clients and the products needed to fulfill those services.

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Discuss product sourcing and the vendors you’ll buy your products from. And once you purchase all your products, what will your inventory management system be?

The form of business you choose helps to determine the income tax return form you have to file, so it also affects your business’s bottom line.

Types of entities include sole proprietor, general partnership, limited partnership, LLC, and corporation.

A market analysis looks at the size of the market both in volume and in value, the competition, and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulation (this can be done qualitatively and quantitatively).

Then, provide a competitive analysis of your market and location.


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