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If your kid's school uses a 1-to-1 device program, ask the teacher if it comes with some time-management software or other controls that allow you to restrict access to non-homework-related sites.

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The real challenge is to select the right music for studying.

The wrong type of study music may end up distracting you from your study.

So today we are going to offer some tips and ideas on how to pick the best study music for you!

Tip # 1 Classical music is peaceful and harmonious making it one of the best options to listen to when studying.

I'm personally not allowed to multitask at all while doing my work, and I grudgingly find that its true.

Perhaps it's because I'm accustomed to the silence while doing work, but I find that my productivity drops a good 90% while watching TV, 50% with my phone, and 20% with music (lyrics).

It’s also a great song to listen to on a Sunday morning. “Plot Twist” by Sigrid This is a great rallying and fight song that can motivate you to show your professors how their analytical essay and twenty page reading can’t bring you down.

Next time you have a long study session, try listening to these songs and see if they help you be more efficient or work longer.

Tip # 4 Listen to sounds of nature such as rain, waves, jungles or animals while studying. Tip # 6 Create a playlist with all your favourite songs in advance to avoid having to search for new songs every 5 minutes.

While this is not exactly music, it is relaxing and you will feel like you’re in another world. This will save you time, allow you to plan how long your study session will be and help your level of concentration while you study.


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