Boston Massacre Essay

After one of the British officers, Hugh Montgomery, had been struck to the ground by a local tavern keeper he rose up and shot his musket at the crowd.

The crowd then began taunting the soldiers to fire.

Boston Massacre In the second half of the eighteenth century, Boston was a major shipping town and also a centre where most of the resistant rallieswere held against the various taxation Acts imposed by the British Parliament.

Such rallies more often turned into violent ones leading to firing and bloodshed.

The crowd slowly encroached on the British soldiers’ positions and eventually the other British officers that had been accompanying Montgomery fired into the crowd, injuring many and murdering five individuals.

These events would be used as fodder for propaganda for a populace that was already thirsting for rebellion. Nanjing Massacre Introduction The Nanjing Massacre took place in the context of the Asian-Pacific war, which lasted for about 15 years, from 1931 up to 1945 (Li, Sabella and Liu 2002).

While this is the eventual occurrence, there is substantial background that led up to these events.

For a number of years surrounding the Massacre the British government had increasingly taxed the colonies causing large amounts of strife within the colonial residents.

However, after the end of the World War 2, the true regarding the invasion of Japanese in Nanjing was revealed: the entrance of Japanese in Nanjing has been followed by a massacre (Li, Sabella and Liu 2002).

Later, it was revealed that the Japanese soldiers were......?


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