Business Intelligence Research Paper

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At the moment, business intelligence (BI) is known as the way for analyzing data in an organization.

Simple search in the literature shows that there are many papers which discuss about BI applications and related matters.

A process for using BI tools in academic applications has been presented. (2018), "A research on the use of business intelligence for academic research", Library Hi Tech News, Vol.

Also, two cases are stated about activities of e-learning participants and literature analysis, for which BI tools are used to analyze data and simplify difficult tasks. College and master students of marketing need easy and simple thesis topics on marketing to write their thesis.This is because of the difficulty confronted by them to write on hard topics which need lot of research.So make it sure that you pick a topic and start writing your Thesis Introduction on time.You will be able to find easy research resources on these latest and unique topics of thesis on marketing.In order to make complete analysis of the business performance of an organization in the market it is very important to analyze both external and internal data of the company.External data is collected from the market where consumer likes or dislikes the product.In addition, there are different approaches and tools that support using BI in organizations. Download as . This paper aims to focus on the use of BI tools for academic applications, and it describes how the academic area will benefit from using BI. If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site.There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.


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