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We hope that this will make it easier to decide what is right for your child.Catholic education not only teaches general education, but also balances education with deep spiritual immersion.

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In fact, the choices are so many that it can easily confuse any parent or guardian.

Keep in mind that each school has their own set of philosophies that govern how they teach.

Catholic education puts a lot of emphasis on self-discipline.

Students are educated and challenged to make decisions and actions that are considered Christ-like; not only in actions, but also in words.

Catholic students are taught that academic or monetary excellence is not the ultimate goal.

However, what is taught is having goals that are altruistic in nature.

Catholic education puts a lot of focus on service, and that is why there are service programs running from kindergarten up to the 12th grade.

Some schools even have service programs that may reach to levels of undergraduate and graduate.

On top of that, a Catholic education teaches a student on how to make use of the scriptures as a tool for guidance and inspiration to get them through during the toughest parts of his/her life.

Catholic education not only focuses on engagement and responsibility in relation to the church, but also to the community as a whole.


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