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Republicans argued that there was a lot of fraud in the program, which is wasting taxpayer dollars.

Their approach is Darwinian capitalism in that strong businesses should survive in a free market rather than the government influencing—through regulation—who wins or loses in business.Roosevelt's New Deal coalition usually controlled the national government until 1964.The Republican Party today supports a pro-business platform, with foundations in economic libertarianism, and fiscal and social conservatism.The party presided over the American Civil War and Reconstruction and was harried by internal factions and scandals towards the end of the 19th century.Since the division of the Republican Party in the election of 1912, the Democratic party has consistently positioned itself to the left of the Republican Party in economic as well as social matters.This comparison examines the differences between the policies and political positions of the Democratic and Republican parties on major issues such as taxes, the role of government, entitlements (Social Security, Medicare), gun control, immigration, healthcare, abortion, environmental policy and regulation.These two parties dominate America's political landscape but differ greatly in their philosophies and ideals.While there may be several differences in opinion between individual Democrats and Republicans on certain issues, what follows is a generalization of their stand on several of these issues.One of the fundamental differences between Democratic and Republican party ideals is around the role of government.A related point of divergence is embryonic stem cell research - Democrats support it while Republicans do not.Democrats tend to favor equal rights for gay and lesbian couples e.g. Republicans believe that marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman so they do not support gay marriage, nor allowing gay couples to adopt children.


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