Cooperative Problem Solving Activities

Cooperative Problem Solving Activities-37
Perfect Square In this activity, the team has to form a perfect square using rope while blindfolded.Robots The objective of this fun blindfold activity is for smaller sub-teams to work together and communicate effectively to retrieve a bomb before the other teams.

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They are then asked to get in order by their birthdays (month and day, year isn’t necessary), however they are not allowed to talk.

You can also get them to get in order by height, shoe size, favourite colour etc.

The team that pens the most amount of sheep in the quickest time, wins the challenge.

Traverse an Obstacle Course One at a time, blindfolded team members are guided by their team mates through an obstacle course to the finish line.

Blindfold Maze Blindfolded participants are given a route by their partners, and then tasked with retracing their steps without any instruction to try and end up as close to the start point as possible.

Blind Retriever In this fun and challenging blindfold activity, the group is split into smaller sub-teams and must compete against each other to try and retrieve an object.

Great for developing communication skills, especially active listening and they are also good fun!

Blindfolded Egg Carry In this activity, pairs of participants will work together to transport a raw egg on a spoon.

Blindfold Challenges Here are a selection of quick and easy to deliver blindfold team building challenges.

These blindfold activities can be delivered in less than 20 minutes and only require a blindfold and a rope.


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