Creative Way Of Writing Alphabets

Children work in pairs to match the uppercase and lowercase foam or magnetic letters that are the same.

You could also use purchased or handmade letter tiles.

Write about ten letters on a piece of paper for each child.

Put the same ten letters in a bowl or bag, and pass it around the table.

Other ways we play this game: Each child looks for the letter the teacher calls out on their bingo card. The child identifies the letter, and walks around the room searching for the letter somewhere in the classroom.

*To teach letter sounds: Children search for an object in the room that begins with that letter.When the letters are uncovered, children guess which letter is missing.Children find the letter that is missing among their own set of letter manipulatives.Children squeeze the clothespins and clip them to the sides of the box.I wrote letters on dot stickers and placed the dot stickers around the sides of the boxes.I placed the letters in a bowl and children sorted and matched the letters into the sections of the tray.When I want to change out the letters in the tray, I just remove the sticker dots and add new ones.Go through a stack of shuffled letter cards, calling out each letter to the children. In Pre-K, we play until everyone has cleared all of their letters because our goal is learning letters, not competition with the little ones.As the letters are called out, children look to see if they have that letter, and if they do, the letter is put back in the letter basket. *To teach letter sounds: Call out a word and have children identify the first letter of the word. I labeled each section by writing a letter on a sticker dot and placing the matching foam letters in each section of the tray.Children shake their letter shakers only when they hear their letter called out in the song.Children choose any 10 letters from the letter manipulatives (use foam letters, magnetic letters, letter tiles or other letter manipulatives).


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