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Open-ended tasks are easy to implement, allow learners the opportunity to achieve success, and allow for critical thinking and creativity.Tools such as Bloom’s Taxonomy and Thinkers Keys are also very worthwhile tasks.For good mathematical problems go to the nrich website.

Open-ended tasks are easy to implement, allow learners the opportunity to achieve success, and allow for critical thinking and creativity.

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All of the above activities can be used in class and/or for homework, as lesson starters or within the body of a lesson. First, it’s important that we model this type of thinking for our students.

Often students see mathematics as black or white, right or wrong.

They need to move from consumers to producers of mathematics.

Secondly, teachers need to think critically and creatively about their practice as teachers of mathematics.

I just started reading “Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking” by Tim Hurson.

I just started Chapter 3 and have become amazed that I hadn’t thought about the difference between Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking…though I’ve blogged about the subject in the past (see The Problem(s) with Linear Thinking, Critical Thinking Definitions, and my review of Jack’s Notebook).Developing your ability to think academically and in a way that complements your subject does take practice.You will have many opportunities to hone your thinking skills in seminars and tutorials, in debate and discussion, and in writing assignments and projects.Alongside the mathematics curriculum, we also have the General Capabilities, one of which is Critical and Creative Thinking – there’s no excuse! When we embed critical and creative thinking, we transform learning from disjointed, memorisation of facts, to sense-making mathematics.Learning becomes more meaningful and purposeful for students.However, it is important to note that terms such as 'critical thinking' do have different meanings in different academic disciplines.Always check with your own School's guidance for clarification and advice on how best to demonstrate critical thinking in your subject area.Not only does it equip then for the future, it promotes higher levels of student engagement, and makes mathematics more relevant and meaningful.Studying at university can change the way you look at the world and the way that you think about your subject.They need to learn to question, to be critical, and to be creative.They need to feel they have permission to engage in exploration and investigation.


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