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This method also works well when developing a solution to a problem, the steps to attain a goal, or breaking something big into something smaller and more manageable.The “steps” can be written in any order (and sub Questions will also appear) and the post its rearranged as the most logical path becomes clear.

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Note, though we focused on text only, you can substitute any of the below with visuals–a diagram, drawing, or symbol to represent meaning.

According to the Back-to-School STEM Research Study conducted by the Post-it® Brand, 86% of parents think the best way for their students to learn STEM-subjects is through visual learning, like reading or seeing pictures, and 54% of parents thinktheir students learn most easily by touching or participating in a hands on activity.

This concept should be written on a 4in x 6in Post-it® Super Sticky Note. They are trying to think like a detective to infer what concept is being implied or described.

If they think they have it, they are not to shout it out, but contribute to the process by offering other After choosing the concept, students need to identify those attributes that most accurately and compellingly characterize that idea.

Assess how well ideas, statements, claims, arguments and findings are backed up so that you can make a reasoned judgement about how convincing they are.

At first, students often feel anxious about criticising ideas that they come across in their reading or in lectures.

Recall, the point of the activity is to introduce the true nature of the concept, rather than to simply define it.

We used the same color Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in 3in x 3in size to represent the You would then place these Super Sticky Notes in groups at the front of the class in the center, where students can visualize them as clues.

Critical analytical thinking is a key part of university study.

Many first year students receive comments such as 'not analytical enough' on their early assignments.


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