Critical Thinking Worksheets For High School

Critical Thinking Worksheets For High School-40
Depending on your classroom and what you want to achieve with your students, you can always use equal portions of reality- and fiction-based activities.

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With that in mind, TEDEd provides one of the most varied and diverse collections of critical thinking resources on the Internet.

Best of all, they’re ready to use with a single click.

These lessons tend to focus on the 2012 presidential election between Barack Obama and John Mc Cain, who, as the Annenberg Institute demonstrates, both made exaggerated claims that students can evaluate to discover kernels of truth.

The lessons may be a little dated, but the Annenberg Institute does a great job of providing clean, objective, and teacher-friendly lessons that you can use to have students practice critical thinking with real-world examples.

The answer is then explained in a logical way that can help students refine their critical thinking skills, especially on a conceptual basis.

Critical Thinking Worksheets For High School

So while the Annenberg Institute’s lessons are based largely on real-world events, TEDEd’s are more like thought experiments and puzzles.

It’s run and managed by the University of Pennsylvania out of Philadelphia with the goal to “develop a citizenry that demands and supports a functioning democracy.” They do this by supplying lesson plans, ideas, and information that teachers can use with students of just about any age, depending on when your school starts civics education.

This includes , which approach critical thinking from the context of practical, real-world examples.

That’s why they created a list of critical thinking, as opposed to simply giving you pre-made lessons that you can use.

This actually makes sense, considering Concordia’s mission is to improve the way teachers teach, not just give them free resources that are proven to work.


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