Crossword Puzzle Newspaper Terms

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(As I said, there are a lot of rules in this section.

If it helps, feel free to imagine that you’re reading these rules while you’re going on an awesome cross-country road trip with your best friend: famous actor Jack Nicholson).

Below is an alphabetical crossword help index enabling you to quickly find what you need on every crossword-related topic I've been able to think of.

Quite a few of the entries have links to other pages on this site where I've written more extensive articles on various crossword help topics.

What this means is that, when you’re coming up with entries, they should all be of corresponding lengths (in the example above, see how the words match in grid-position and word-length). Now that you have all the answers in your puzzle, it’s time to write the clues for them!

On the other hand, here’s an example of a non-symmetrical grid, in a puzzle that I’ve titled, “Things That Don’t Exist”: As I hope you will note, the above puzzle contains four things that clearly don’t exist. You see, without any clues, a crossword puzzle is exactly like a Dan Brown book — just a bunch of nonsense, random words that don’t make any sense on paper. And you can bet your butt we’ve got some more fun rules for clue-writing! Whoever said that “brevity is the soul of wit” clearly never had to write clues for crossword puzzles…An intersection between an across and a down entry.In many modern American crossword puzzles, all squares in a crossword grid are crossings.As shown on the “Cutest Antebellum Presidents” puzzle above, border blocks help to break up the puzzle into manageable pieces (just like how B. side stories about assassins help to break up Dan Brown books into manageable chunks you can read on the subway). ) When you’re making a puzzle, try to make the grid continuous. And, folks, if you thought that last step had too many rules, then you’re gonna flip when you see how many rules the block-adding portion of this guide has! like the puzzle’s theme, the border blocks should be placed symmetrically too. Blocks should never split the grid into multiple sections — so make sure the white blocks are always connected. Unlike most Dan Brown books, one of the great things about crossword puzzles is that they don’t repeat the same exact words over and over again. And make sure that all the words you use are real words. And now, in his elder years, my father looks back upon these weekly purchases with a wry, misty fondness — for, in many ways, they represent the fleeting and impetuous nature of his own childhood. In fact, 99.9% of the time, puzzles don’t repeat words at all. So, when you’re making puzzles, make sure to use all-original words! This road trip just went from awesome to epic, baby! Like most publications, newspapers can be sued for libel at the drop of a hat — even in crossword puzzles. Despite this fact, not all editors publish a byline.A term used by crossword constructors to describe a black square that has been added to a grid (usually to get the constructor out of trouble), without changing the word count (a metric that is often important for getting your crossword published! Now that programs like Crossword Compiler are available to help fill grids, cheaters are resorted to much less frequently.However, since these four entries are all of differing lengths (not symmetrical), this puzzle has no chance of ever getting published… Fortunately, most puzzle-making software will make things symmetrical for you. There’s probably a more eloquent way to phrase this. here’s where you cram the rest of the words in there. because, sadly, that quote is way too long to be a crossword clue. Here are some examples of factually-inaccurate clues: Remember…So, again, just make sure to download that stuff and you’ll be golden. Basically, you’re gonna want to use this site or this site to come up with a bunch of fun, different words for your grid. When writing clues, try to make them pithy, original, and concise — for example, if you were trying to write a clue for the word : When my father was a young man, he would often go down to the corner store and use his weekly allowance to purchase this delicious treat. you don’t want your puzzle to have clues like this. And finally, once you’ve finished these five easy steps… Just print out your puzzle and mail it to the nearest newspaper (and don’t forget that pesky theatrical headshot! And you’re well on your way to publishing your very first, real-life crossword!


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