Cultural Heritage Essay

Cultural Heritage Essay-85
India is in many ways the mother to us all We have inherited great moral and spiritual values compared with which the materialistic progress of the West is insignificant.

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The Holy Gita is the epitome of all that is great and glorious in our culture.

Its highest teaching is, “.” Even in the days of science and materialism, the tradition of peace, love and spiritualism is not lost. There is unity in diversity in Indian Culture: there is the belief in truth non-violence, tolerance and empathy; there are the amazing continuity and even vitality of Indian culture.

In conversation, it is advisable to stand quite away from a person you are talking to, as a sign of respect for their personal space.

You need to make sure that you do not touch another person, especially with your shoes or bare feet. either it’s anger or affection, emotions need to stay private. It seems that wherever you go, you will end up facing some exclusive piece of art in the form of painting, architecture or simply nature masterpiece.

The East has been the home of all prophets and the cradle of all religions. Judaism, etc.- all were born in the East, though they shed light over the whole globe.

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Thus the East stands for religion, for spiritualism, for love of humanity and fellow-feeling, for sacrifice and renunciation, for peace and Panchsheel while the West stands for science, for materialism, for hatred and war all the religions had their birth in the East, and almost all the scientific inventions have been made in the East.

No wonder that this country is such a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy the beauty of this country visually as well as spiritually.

Perhaps not everyone knows that Indian culture is one of the oldest, richest and most diverse cultures in the world.

The uniqueness of such country as India is indisputable.

The culture of this country is so rich that many of its aspects are easily recognized and well known around the world.


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