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CCARP is a program that gives participants the opportunity to exercise, play, and build their self-esteem in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment.

Take control of your future and commit to expanding your opportunities for success by graduating from high school.

Join one of the best high schools in Los Angeles and meet people like yourself that enjoy learning, making themselves better, and having fun.

SIATech Culver City Charter High School is a tuition-free high school that gives students a chance to earn a standard high school diploma in Los Angeles, Californa.

SIATech Culver City High school is a fully-accredited charter school in Los Angeles, California.

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The Great Schools Test Score Rating reflects annual state test results for this school compared with scores statewide.

Science - Our hands-on science program is one of our most popular enrichment programs. In this fun class, they’ll learn how to replicate some of their favorite cartoons, while developing their own animated characters. Our after-school program will turn your child’s academic challenges into a learning experience.

Your child will engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch fun demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions, and discover the world around them through activities such as robotics, urban gardening, and coding. The homework club is a drop-in afterschool program that provides homework assistance, recreation, swimming, sports, educational support, daily snacks, enrichment clubs and more – all from the safety and comfort of the Culver-Palms Family YMCA!

Why are grade-level scores sometimes different from the overall score for a subject? States are required to suppress grade/subject data if the number of test-taking students is too small.

This can mean that some grade-level scores that are part of the overall score cannot be displayed individually.


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