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If a person did not live a humane life, he or she would spend eternity suffering in the Purgatorial flames.It was believed however that the family of the deceased would assist the person in leaving Purgatory, by praying.Stores and shops all set up large displays to show off their items.

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At first glance, they see Day of the Dead decorations which are colored paper garlands, little skeletons performing daily tasks and sugar skulls inscribed with names, which remind them of Halloween.

Other tourists discover that much like Memorial or Remembrance Day in the US, families here visit, clean and decorate graves of loved ones for the Death, and the skeleton represented as Death, is seen in a much different way by the Mexicans than by most other cultures. A symbol that can be as playful as it is serious, it appears everywhere during dia de muertos as wood, paper mache, sugar, and plastic.

They believed that after death, a person would rise though nine levels of, in order to reach their destination, Mictlan, the place of the dead.

It was also believed that at birth, the destination of the person would be decided, and would not take into consideration how that person lived their life.

They are decorated with skull shaped candies and sweets.

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The skeleton is turned into a mocking of death itself, and is a symbol of celebration of passing into the next life.

Candy flows through Mexico during el Dia de los Muertos and most of the candy displayed and eaten takes the form of sugar skulls.

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The Day of the Dead, or all souls day, is the official Catholic holiday following All Saints Day.


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