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Circe and Calypso are the most obvious examples of women whose love becomes an obstacle to Odysseus’s return.

Circe and Calypso are the most obvious examples of women whose love becomes an obstacle to Odysseus’s return.

There are many times Athena disguises herself for Odysseus' well being. As the mentor she helps orchestrate every part of the journey while Telemachus takes care of the household. Odysseus' fate is to return home alive, however, it is his destiny, and punishment that he will endure and suffer this long journey.

Throughout the poem, Odysseus prays to Athena that she will help him make it home, because he does not know that his fate is to make it home alive.

Athena then goes to Ithaca and assumes a disguise to convince Telemachus to go on a journey to seek news of his father.

From the very beginning of the book Athena, an immortal, disguises herself as a mortal to relay news to another mortal.

She then keeps her promise of revealing herself to him when he returned to Ithaca, and she pledges her aid to him.

Odysseus and Athena next decided to return Odysseus home disguised as a beggar.Even Helen adds some anecdotes about Odysseus’s cunning during the Trojan War.Phemius, a court minstrel in Ithaca, and Demodocus, a Phaeacian bard, sing of the exploits of the Greek heroes at Troy.While these women do gain a certain amount of power through their sexual charms, they are ultimately all subject to divine whim, forced to wait and pine for love when it is absent.Disguise and Deception The epic poem The Odyssey begins on Mt. Athena brings to Zeus' attention that Odysseus' journey has been brought to a standstill on the island of Calypso.Homer constantly evokes the history of the Odyssey through the stories that his characters tell.Menelaus and Nestor both narrate to Telemachus their wanderings from Troy.Athena does help him get home, however she vows not to show Odysseus her real form until he returns to Ithaca.Athena helps Odysseus when he returns to Ithaca, she disguises him with a cloud so nobody will stop him from getting to the castle.Storytelling in the Odyssey, in addition to delivering the plot to the audience, situates the epic in its proper cultural context.The Odyssey seems very conscious of its predecessor, the Iliad: Odysseus’s wanderings would never have taken place had he not left for Troy; and the Odyssey would make little sense without the Iliad and the knowledge that so many other Greek heroes had to make nostoi, or homeward journeys, of their own.


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