Dissertation Defense Jokes

After your defense, you’ll make your dissertation revisions, graduate, and it’s up to you whether you want to participate in the graduation ceremony or not; either way you get your diploma in the mail a few months later.This isn’t the way to do it, and so that’s why it’s my advice.While there are many guides on how to do that, many of them are either jokes…things that go into a dissertation, but there are also some huge misconceptions about what a dissertation is supposed to be.

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Your talk is your performance, your work, and you decide what impression you want to give, how you present yourself, and how you want people to view you.

Humor can be a useful part of that, neutral, or counter-productive.

(It’s also advice that — for some reason — is rarely given by others.) Now you know the secret to writing a Ph. dissertation, so finish that thing up and graduate already!

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The thing with humor is it is deeply contextual, and how it is received depends heavily on the delivery, the audience, and how you are perceived as the 'performer'.

For a Brilliant, Serious Scholar, a light-hearted joke can help to improve your likability and make the talk more memorable and understandable to a wider audience.

Some people seem to think this thread supports legal restrictions on jokes.

We don't want to restrict humor, because sometimes it's ethically *good* to use humor to alienate or ostracize certain people or ideas (like Nazis or racism).

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