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But I think the above approach is better because Microsoft Excel will add one data series to the chart automatically, and in this way save you some time. You have to add the proper formatting to make it look more like a Gantt chart.Our goal is to remove the blue bars so that only the orange parts representing the project's tasks will be visible.Regrettably, Microsoft Excel does not have a built-in Gantt chart template as an option.

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Clarity One of the biggest benefits of a Gantt chart is the tool's ability to boil down multiple tasks and timelines into a single document.

Stakeholders throughout an organization can easily understand where teams are in a process while grasping the ways in which independent elements come together toward project completion. Communication Teams can use Gantt charts to replace meetings and enhance other status updates.

This short tutorial will explain the key features of the Gantt diagram, show how to make a simple Gantt chart in Excel, where to download advanced Gantt chart templates and how to use the online Project Management Gantt Chart creator.

The Gantt chart bears a name of Henry Gantt, American mechanical engineer and management consultant who invented this chart as early as in 1910s.

During professional review periods, team members who frequently exceed expectations can leverage this documentation into larger raises or bonuses.

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For specific examples and resources related to how to create a Gantt chart, please see Gantt Chart Examples and Tutorials.

Please follow the below steps closely and you will make a simple Gantt chart in under 3 minutes.

We will be using Excel 2010 for this Gantt chart example, but you can simulate Gantt diagrams in Excel 2019, 2016 and Excel 2013 exactly in the same way.

In technical terms, we won't really delete the blue bars, but rather make them transparent and therefore invisible.

And here is the result of our efforts - a simple but nice-looking Excel Gantt chart: Remember, though your Excel chart simulates a Gantt diagram very closely, it still keeps the main features of a standard Excel chart: Download this Gantt chart example.


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