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At the heart of a thesis lies a specific research problem which addresses a theoretical question, which has to be examined in an academic way.Before a research question can be formulated, students should do some preparatory reading.The first reader then contacts the student and makes an appointment for the final defence.

Research and writing In principle, students will already have made a start on their research in the course of formulating the research question.If necessary, the supervisor will assist in finding relevant secondary literature.A second reader is chosen in consultation with the supervisor.It is advisable to start writing as soon as possible.Supervision Supervision arrangements are made in consultation between the supervisor and the student.Once the thesis has been approved, it must be defended orally.Choosing a topic Students are encouraged to select the topic of their thesis themselves, in consultation with one of the staff members.They should have a clear time schedule for the research, in consultation with the supervisor.The amount of research should be proportionate to the time available (560 hours).For Kadue, the faculty made a tremendous difference.They assisted her with writing the dissertation she wanted to write, not the dissertation they desired or thought the field would want.


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