Doterra Business Plan

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New Zealand is the fastest growing market for essential oils right now.

This is because the products available were limited and not pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

These proteomic profiling studies further confirmed that the effects of dōTERRA essential oils were not replicated by a single major component and essential oils from different competitors had minimal effects. Le’s methodology and approach represent a biochemical lie detector test, a physiological polygraph.” Finally, in providing a qualitative assessment, Dr.

The results of the research indicate that the implications of “The Oil Effect” are significant, says Dr. His studies suggest that the quality of essential oils is the combination of chemistry and biochemistry, and that biochemical analytics are required to fully assess the quality of essential oils. Talbot adds that the therapeutic potential of essential oils is highly dependent on the complete composition of the oil. Le’s data suggest that human cells know the difference between a naturally sourced oil and an adulterated or synthetically constructed oil and that this difference can be detected using the cell’s own physiology,” said Dr. Le says molecular and proteomic profiling provides a rapid, high-throughput platform to screen quality and efficacy of essential oils.

Sourcing, processing and characterization are critical. “If we are correct, this is the first study of essential oils of its kind to utilize the body’s own biochemistry to characterize the quality of essential oils” The research of dōTERRA and other essential oils will continue at Roseman University as part of the College of Pharmacy’s exploration of therapeutic potential of nutraceuticals.

As I said, I’m building a dōTERRA business and the Rising Tide Collective because I believe, and I’ve witnessed, what collaboration can do to build community and to build businesses.

One act of kindness can cause a domino effect of hundreds of kind acts. Baby clothes are a crucial part of the Mamababy kits, and you can help by decorating clothing with fabric pens.

Sign up online to pick up a Take and Make packet at Convention.

The people that truly succeed in this business are self-motivated, yet love to collaborate.

You will have access to: So far, I’ve seen people from all walks of life in this business.


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