Double Indemnity Critical Essays

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Casting of the film came at a time when women were just homemakers and had an obligation to be faithful to their husbands and be morally upright.

Phyllis Dietrichson, a dissatisfied wife, starts an affair with Billy Wilder, an insurance agent.

Conclusion In the 1940s, film noir movies came into existence at a time when women were under the spell of men who had all the power in their hands.

Men viewed women not as human beings but as sex objects and part of their possessions to be shown around.

Thesis statement Men have continuously been portrayed as obsessive, brooding and cynical in film noir movies, which mistreat and disrespect women by virtue of their power in the society; however, the struggles these characters go through mostly end up in failure.

Double Indemnity Critical Essays

Development At the time of the film the role of women in the society was that of menaced to woman.

From his investigations he concludes that Phyllis with an unknown accomplice killed her husband.

He, however, does not suspect Neff because he is a colleague and a close friend of him.

They decided to kill the husband so that they can get his accident policy.

However, she also ends up losing her life after the lover discovered she was having an affair with someone else.


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