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Business schools are really into counting characters (rather than words) these days, huh?

“Removing this requirement can help relieve some of the time and stress of the document collection process while you are working on your application.” More conveniences: The school is expanding its application fee waiver program — designed to open up the MBA application process to the greatest number of applicants — to include military veterans of all nations, not just the U.

S.; and the admissions team has revamped the school’s Alumni and Student Endorsement form, which allows Fuqua students and alumni to provide an online endorsement of an applicant, which also qualifies that applicant for an application fee waiver.

This year, the school has revised the short-answer essays and are asking for only two replies: “The questions have been changed to give applicants more opportunity to share their reasons for pursuing an MBA in general,” Jamison says.

“We are also asking applicants to focus more attention on short-term career goals, rather than long-term goals, given the uncertainty and dependencies of life that are inherent in planning for the long term.” Duke’s two longer-response essays, including its iconic 25 Random Things essay, remain the same.

“We look forward to continuing to learn the personal stories, passions, and unique experiences of our applicants through these essays,” Jamison says.

Fuqua’s campus visit program, including the Open Interview Period, begins on September 12, 2019.If you’re ready to start building your own application for Fuqua and other top business schools, call us at 1-800-925-7737 and speak with an MBA admissions expert today.And, as always, be sure to find us on Facebook and Google , and follow us on Twitter!Without further ado, here are Fuqua’s deadlines and essays for the coming year, followed by our comments in italics: Duke (Fuqua) Admissions Deadlines Early Action: September 19, 2012 Round 1: October 24, 2012 Round 2: January 4, 2013 Round 3: March 21, 2013 Fuqua has actually moved its Early Action round forward by ten days and moved back its Round 1 deadline by about a week.If you’re thinking about applying early to Fuqua, the deadline is now less than a month away!That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any thought into these responses, but rather that they’re looking for less hand-waving and “big picture”-speak and for more headlines to help them quickly get a read on why you’re even applying to Fuqua in the first place.Think of this as your chance to make the admissions team’s job a little easier…The school’s changes this cycle do not amount to a “major overhaul,” according to Allison Jamison, assistant dean of admissions, but rather a series of tweaks to ease the process, including revisions to the school’s essay questions, a change in its Early Action deadline, an increase in the number of interviewers, changes in requirements for transcripts, and an expansion of the application fee waiver program.The new application will be live by August 1, Jamison says.Schools rarely stand pat with their MBA application processes from year to year — and when they see a big dip in applications, they are all but guaranteed to make some adjustments.That’s the case this summer at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, which saw a 6.2% drop in apps in 2017-2018.


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