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As a result, modern information and communication technologies make a way for people to communicate with others across the world.For this reason, ICT is often affects the education today.Besides, smart solutions for the future including laptop learning, e-learning, smart classrooms, didactic equipment and stimulations is the key to education today.

ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. ICT is widespread and essential to play a meaningful role in changing and modernizing educational systems as well as the way of learning. ICT refers to the technology that access to information.

It includes any product that will store, restore, operate, or receive information in a digital form.

Calculator helps people to solve the problem a lot and also in the society especially for the accountant.

For example, calculator in the computer helps to solve the problem for every company.

It is generally believed that ICT can empower both teachers and learners. ICT not only transforms teaching but also the learning processes.

The transformation gets to increase learning gains for students that provide learners an opportunity to develop creativity, communication skills, and other thinking skills.We always get the latest news and information from all these media.For example, when we are driving to somewhere that very emergency, we usually open the radio to listen about the situation whether jam or not.Last but not least, electronic display that include calculator is one of the tool of ICT.Electronic means operating, produced, or done by the action of electrons.It also called and-user programs includes database programs, word processors, communications, games, graphics and spreadsheets.In contrast, system software consists of programs that interact with the computer at a very basic level.Referring to the picture above, we can see that ICT is very useful to society, especially to students in colleges.According to ICT adviser Harriet Price, an ICT-rich educational experience brings benefits to the students.She says that technology is an important part of student’s everyday lives.She makes sure that the necessary software and hardware is available for students to use, while also helping them develop their own ICT skills.


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