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Her paper, "Scents and Sensibilia," has been accepted for publication in APQ.She is writing a review of Robert Stalnaker's book, Our knowledge of the Internal World, for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.Natalie Nenadic Natalie Nenadic conducts research at the intersections of the history of philosophy, especially Post-Kantian Philosophy, and contemporary ethical challenges, especially feminist concerns.

Her paper, "Scents and Sensibilia," has been accepted for publication in APQ.

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He has recently presented his work to audiences at the APA, Law and Society, The Sigmund Freud Universität (Vienna) and the University of Toronto.

David Bradshaw's recent publications include "Kant and the Experience of God" in , ed. He was recently awarded an honorary doctorate by St.

Her research investigates how theories and models are developed and deployed in nanoscience, with particular attention to how theories are adapted from other sciences to construct the first "science of a length scale." This research has wide-ranging implications for understanding how scientific theories are developed across the sciences, as well as for constructing better tools to investigate material behavior at the interface of classical and quantum physics.

Her current projects include investigating the concept of a surface in nanoscience and applying the lessons of that investigation to a broader understanding of inter-theoretic relations across the physical sciences. Bursten's research has been published in journals such as .

Eric Sanday is working on a monograph on the relationship between the nature of intelligibility, as addressed by Plato in dialogues such as the , 36.2, (2015).

His most recent article-length project is on the nature of justice, gender, and myth in Hesiod and Heraclitus.In Spring 2019, she is teaching a new introductory course, Philosophy, Law, and the #Me Too Movement, aimed to help students understand topics of recent public discourse, including in their own lives, through their philosophical and legal dimensions.In Spring 2018, she taught a graduate seminar Heidegger, Philosophy, and Nazism that brought her expertise on genocide and the Holocaust to bear in new ways on the relationship between Heidegger’s philosophy and his Nazism and, generally, on the relationship among philosophy, philosophers, and criminality.He is writing a paper on the early reception of Husserl’s philosophy in America for inclusion in a multi-author work to be published by Springer.Additionally, he is author of The Husserl Page, the influential and oldest active web site devoted to the life and work of Edmund Husserl.The faculty have been busy publishing articles and books and presenting papers in the US and abroad.Here is just a sample of some of our accomplishments: Clare Batty has been invited to write an entry on "Philosophical Perspectives on Smell" for the Encyclopedia of the Mind.He also has an abiding interest in environmental philosophy and is working out the idea of an existential ecology.In this project he takes Hans Jonas's existential interpretation of biological facts as cue but extends this to the ecological conception of land advanced by Aldo Leopold and others.He has recently presented papers at the International Association for Environmental Philosophy, the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy, the Living with Animals conference, and the Husserl Circle.His article, “ Life and Spirit in Max Scheler’s Philosophy,” was published in Philosophy Compass.


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