Employability Skills Essay

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You can develop your own teamwork skills by participating in steering committees, boards and councils or volunteer groups.

Request assignment to group projects or participate in professional development seminars or programs that focus on building teamwork.

In addition to giving you an advantage in your job search, these employability skills may also position you for higher-earning roles with greater growth potential.

Training and education show potential employers that you take your professional life seriously.

But it’s important to bring this section to life rather than just writing a generic list of keys skills – you need to give specific examples.

Don’t worry if you’ve never had a job before – employability skills are transferable from school, clubs and other areas of life.Take advantage of opportunities to give presentations and request constructive criticism and feedback from trusted colleagues.Employees who are self-motivated and self-reliant are valuable assets to employers.Participate in long-range planning initiatives, strategic planning sessions or event management that can help you hone your skills in this arena.The ability to perform well with colleagues is a sought-after trait by employers.Experience within a sales position is important as it clarifies that the candidate is able to perform and will be an asset to Printex, an experienced salesperson has the knowledge built in and able to bring new ideas to the table that work based on previous experience.Teamwork skills: capable of working together through objectives to reach a common goal, it has been proven that theirs a lot of lessons to be learnt by working as team employees often improve their skills by observing more experienced members which will increase sales representative’s ability to sell in the long run. T skills: able to use a computer to store and send information effectively.You can advance your education and improve your employability skills by getting a degree or certification, completing continuing education courses or participating in internships and work-study opportunities.You can also find a mentor, participate in professional development opportunities or join trade or industry associations that provide enrichment programs for members.Familiarize yourself with people in your industry whose level of professionalism you respect and work to emulate their action and behaviors.Lisa Mc Querrey has been a business writer since 1987.


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