Essay About The Person I Admire

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It didn’t concern you what other people opinions were about you. It didn’t concern you how people feel, because you know it’s the truth.Then I realized that how you respect them, you didn’t feed them lies and false hopes, but you were a straight man....

When my parents were in the process of getting a divorce, my mom went through many difficult times.We are all hero but we see ourselves as nothing, to be a hero you have to have some factors like bravery and sacrifice.Any person in the world can be hero even the young person could be strong hero in future.There was not a day that went by that she did not guide me in the right direction and teach me a life lesson that still today helps me become a better person....[tags: personal narrative] - You know you use to be something special, someone I use to admire, love, and respect. I admire how you use to not care about what people thinks about you, you do whatever you wants and you’re proud of it.[tags: Pharmacist, Pharmacy, Mile, Imperial units] - An admirable person stands for excellence: deserving to be admired, inspiring approval and affection.With that definition being said, only one person stands out in my mind, my grandmother.Because I believed I was horrible at physical activities, without really even trying, I had no confidence and felt embarrassed about performing in front of others....[tags: College Admissions Essays] - Benjamin Franklin completed many accomplishments from childhood to adulthood.Failure is not trying something and you didn’t achieve it.Instead, failure is bringing everyone together, who was involved in the situation that occurred and each individual would accept his or her own responsibility by owing up to their own mistakes.


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