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But power on a large scale is almost always embedded within organisational structures whether they be governments, political parties, business firms, schools, churches, or pro­test movements.” “In each of these settings power involves a kind of gamble.Because there is al­ways the risk that the people in power will betray the common trust”.

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If at all power is accompanied by these factors then the association is only incidental(iii) Power and influence are more intimately connected. Power is a sociological, and dominance a psychological phenomenon.

The locus of power is in both persons and groups, and in important cases it is in the latter.

At the same time, you can defuse a conflict situation with a smile.

It should be mentioned that a smile may be inappropriate in some situations.

As Robert Bierstedt said, “Power is latent force; force is manifest power, and authority is institutionalized power.” Power is the prior capacity that makes the use of force possible.

Only groups that have power can threaten to use force and the threat itself is power.

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Its ulti­mate basis, however, is the ability to compel obedience, if necessary through the threat or use of force.

Social power has been identified in different ways with prestige, influence, eminence, compe­tence, dominance, rights, strength, force, and authority.(i) Power and Prestige are closely linked.


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