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The right to proper treatment The second paragraph of article No.

His right to participation equally extends to all aspects of social life, on which subject the child, disabled or not, should be given the opportunity of expressing his opinion, of getting connected, of keeping himself informed and of taking part.

Yet, because of their disabilities, one often thinks that they do not have the capacity of expressing a coherent idea, and the decision is taken without listening to their opinion.

Globally speaking, there is great room for progress in the field of the rights of the disabled child.

One such progress has been their being called “differently-abled children” in place of “disabled children”.

Violence There is an increasing risk of disabled children becoming unfortunate victims of violence due to their inability to defend themselves.

Thus, physical, psychological and emotional violence happens to be a sad reality that disabled children undergo in domestic, institutional as well as social circles.

It is obvious that children with disabilities are entitled to special treatment, but in practice, most of these children are entirely deprived of even proper medical treatment.

Their chance of recovering or in the least of living with less suffering are thus reduced to zero.

For example, it is found that only around 2% of the disabled children have access to education. It is often established in the collective conscious that a disability is a curse or a punishment for sins committed by ones ancestors.

In numerous regions around the world, children suffering from disabilities are isolated, shunned and are considered untouchable…


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